Apple Discontinues 2015 MacBook Pro Following 2018 Lineup Refresh

Apple Discontinues 2015 MacBook Pro Following 2018 Lineup Refresh

The new MacBook Pro lineup features faster and more powerful Intel chips, with Apple now offering the models with up to 6-core configurations.

The new laptops are aimed at those who need speed when it comes to their work.

Still, don't waste their time: if you have a MacBook Pro you bought six months ago, you're not going to be able to trade it for a 2018 model.

The new models - one 13-inch model and one 15-inch model, both with Apple's Touch Bar - have new eighth generation Intel chips that Apple said should dramatically increase performance. These machines pack in up to 2 TB and 4 TB of storage, respectively.

Of course, those fans would have the funds ready for the purchase, because these new MacBook Pros don't come cheap.

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The new accessory will allow those that have a newer Apple laptop or desktop to harness the power of a full-blown graphics card by simply plugging the Blackmagic eGPU into the unit's Thunderbolt 3 port.

'The latest generation MacBook Pro is the fastest and most powerful notebook we've ever made, ' crows Apple's Philip Schiller of the launch. Apple says it also now supports double the eDRAM, 16GB RAM max, and up to 2TB SSD.

Back to School with MacBook Pro The new MacBook Pro is also part of Apple's Back to School promotion starting today and available to college students, their parents, faculty and staff through the Apple Education Store. For instance, if you bought your MacBook Pro 15 or 16 days ago, there's a good chance that the manager will let it go and treat it like a 14-day return. And while there's still a chance you'll run into someone who will stick to the rules and not offer you an exchange, store employees tell 9to5Mac to ask nicely and see what happens.

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