Kimi Raikkonen - My mistake cost pole position at Silverstone

Kimi Raikkonen - My mistake cost pole position at Silverstone

In Austria, many were surprised when the Italian team did not order Raikkonen to let Sebastian Vettel past so that he could boost his championship lead.

Raikkonen responded when an emphatic "no" when asked if he was surprised at retaining second, and expanded, commenting: "We've always said that we have very clear rules and that's what we go by since I've been in this team".

"Nothing has changed. We follow our guidelines like I have since I came to Ferrari in 2007".

Other than Hamilton, the driver to make the biggest splash on his arrival at the circuit was Renault's Nico Hulkenburg, who rode around the track on a bicycle. The team are reportedly eyeing Sauber youngster Charles Leclerc as a successor for 2019. I tried to manage, I could see my tyres opening up.

"I would not know where the difference is", Vettel said.

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A fifth consecutive victory would beat Jim Clark's streak of four and his sixth win overall would move him beyond Clark and Alain Prost's record of five.

"Certainly Kimi is a world champion and he won many races for us".

"Obviously Mercedes had two non-finishes, that's definitively helping me and also helping the team, but that's part of the game, unfortunately". We think that both failures were confined to the items which failed and they are both things which can be replaced without breaking into the sealed areas of the vehicle which attract sporting penalties.

"We have got a bit of work on to make sure we are not taking undue risks with parts which might have had some consequential damage when the vehicle was shut down". Maybe ten years ago it was more likely that every team, every vehicle, would stop at some point in a race but we've seen in the last few years that's very unlikely that it will happen.