Netflix Is Testing a More Expensive Ultra HD Plan

Netflix Is Testing a More Expensive Ultra HD Plan

Netflix currently offers three different subscription plans, but now it looks like the streaming service is testing a new tier.

The main differentiator between these two plans is simply that the firm has Netflix has confirmed that it is indeed testing out this new plan, It also says that nothing is set in stone at the moment.

As first noted on Tuesday by the Italian blog Tutto Android, some users in Europe are seeing a new price tier called "Ultra" that, as the name partially indicates, allows users to simultaneously run Ultra HD video and audio across four devices. That said, some Italian users who claim to have gotten the test offer report that the Premium subscription might get an annoying downgrade. The current rate for the Basic plan in Italy is EUR 7.99, with EUR 10.99 and EUR 13.99 for Standard and Premium. A company spokesperson was quoted as saying, "In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix".

In the wake of being named the number one choice for TV viewing, Netflix has been testing out a new payment option. Nearly 6.4m new worldwide subscribers were added in the final quarter of a year ago, along with more than 1.9m users from the US.

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Although the new Netflix Ultra plan is just being tested, it could also become an actual new tier if it's applied to everyone. The Ultra plan will let you stream on 4 devices at once. This would force current premium users to pay a 20 per cent increase in subscription fees for the best Netflix package.

Netflix increased prices last October, when its Standard and Premium plans were hiked $1 and $2, respectively.

Images grabbed from the website show that there are at least two possibilities being considered for the new tier, which would cost €16.99 - $16.99 in the US if the current pricing scheme is maintained.