Golden retriever saves owner from being bit by rattlesnake in Anthem

Golden retriever saves owner from being bit by rattlesnake in Anthem

"Todd's doing so well he is a wonder to me how he is healing", added Paula in a later post on Facebook.

- A golden retriever was attacked by a rattlesnake in Anthem Friday while he and his owner were hiking.

Todd, who is less than a year old, tackled the rattlesnake but ended up getting bitten on the nose.

After Todd was bit by the snake. It was a lovely morning but as we were walking down the hill I literally nearly stepped on a ... rattlesnake. Her puppy, Todd, jumped in front of her leg to ensure she wouldn't get bit.

Godwin and Todd's story has now gone viral, with photos of the pup's swollen face making the rounds on social media with many pointing out the obvious. She also thanked the pup's many fans on the internet for their support and kindness.

The fundraiser has risen $280 of the $500 goal as of Monday morning.

The Golden Retriever was rushed to the vets, and he's thankfully making a speedy recovery.

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Godwin says on Facebook that Todd is recovering and is "being a normal puppy".

Humans simply do not deserve dogs.

"We don't deserve dogs", one user stated, while another stated "dogs are the best people".

Elsewhere, a fundraising page set up to pay the medical bills of other dogs which have been attacked has been set up in the wake of Todd's bravery.

Todd noticed the rattlesnake coming towards them before Goodwin did. Todd is definitely one of the bravest "puppers" to grace the internet this Monday morning.

In the words of user Lewdicolo: "What a heckin fearless doggo".