Criminals can claim 'right to be forgotten' following landmark Google case

Criminals can claim 'right to be forgotten' following landmark Google case

This feature will likely prove useful for business owners and professionals, many of whom spend hours a day checking and responding to emails.

In what is called "confidential mode", Gmail will let users set an expiration date on emails so that, after a certain point, recipients can't forward, copy, download or print these messages.

Such emails can also be passcode-locked and can only be opened if you enter the correct passcode which will be sent to your phone via SMS. With Google I/O just a few weeks away it wouldn't be surprising to see this launched around then.

The new version of Gmail will also show a lock icon which would be placed in the compose box in order to activate the Confidential Mode. It's a simpler and cleaner layout to which most users should respond positively, yet it still features the same characteristic design elements for which Gmail is known.

Google is now testing how Chrome extensions work with the new Gmail display.

The impending overhead was anticipated since long as Google hasn't made many changes in design and feature of web-based Gmail interface.

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Good news is there for all the Gmail supporters!

Google's email service isn't the only one to support security features like these, and in most of the cases it's not the first, either. While ProtonMail deletes the message completely after a certain amount of time, Google sends a link to the message in the email which becomes inaccessible after a certain amount of time - leaving the intermediate email in the inbox.

The five features for the new Gmail have limited explanation in the email, and even less was said by the company.

As per TechCrunch's report, this mode will prevent the receiver of the mail from forwarding, downloading, copying or pasting the email text. As The Verge notes, a Confidential email recipient would only need to take a screenshot of an email to avoid these safeguards entirely. Officially unveiling and launching the new look for Gmail at the annual event makes sense, so users may be looking at less than a month before they are able to enjoy the Gmail redesign and new features.

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